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PAD is the blockage of arteries that causes leg pain after walking (claudication), pain in the feet while sleeping (rest pain), foot wounds to not heal, or even gangrene.


We use modern diagnostic tools to identify the presence of PAD and direct any necessary therapy. Most of our patients are able to improve walking distance, relieve pain, and even heal foot ulcers using a combination of endovascular therapies. Our group is skilled in the use of balloon angioplasty and was the first in New Jersey to use the Medtronic Impact Drug Coated Balloon. We also are experienced in the use of multiple arthrectomy devices that are able to physically remove hardened plaque from diseased arteries.


In cases that require or are better treated with open surgical interventions, all of our physicians are Board Certified Vascular Surgeons. The ability to provide the full spectrum of surgical and minimally invasive therapies allows us to create a tailored approach to each patient's condition.

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