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The leading cause of strokes is the narrowing of the Carotid Arteries by the buildup of plaque. Using a combination of diagnostic tools the severity of stenosis (narrowing of the arteries) can be determined. If there is evidence of significant stenosis, surgery can often reduce the risk of stroke.

Most patients will undergo an open surgical procedure to remove the plaque from the Carotid artery. Our results in safely removing the plaque are as good or better than the most reputable centers in America.

In patients with symptomatic stenosis that are too high risk for an open procedure a Carotid Stent is performed as an alternative.

We also perform TCAR (transcarotid artery revascularization). A procedure that utilizes a small incision to insert a stent while reversing the blood flow through the artery. 

Our surgeons are experienced in all approaches of carotid intervention and will use their experience to create a treatment plan best suited for each individual's unique circumstance.

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